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Traditional Cambodian (Khmer) Wedding Ceremony 2017

All of us value culture and family, and when it comes time for a family wedding, the two come together to create a memorable event that holds a special place in our hearts. Some cultures have more intricate ceremonial elements than others. A traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony, for example, last for three days and is a multi-layered experience for the bride and groom and their family. Cambodian wedding tradition also requires certain attire, music, stories and themes to be a part of the day’s events.

Although we specialize in Cambodian wedding dress rentals, we take great pride in absorbing ourselves in all things Cambodian. Take a look at a few of the unique wedding traditions exclusive to Cambodian culture by reading on below.

There is A “Hair Cutting” Ceremony

Cambodian wedding tradition dictates that the bride and groom must participate in a hair cutting ceremony. Described as a ‘cleansing ritual’, the hair cutting symbolizes a discarding of the past and doing away with old habits. Don’t worry, no real hair is cut during the process. The couple is surrounded by friends and family who dance around them as they sit in chairs, and tell funny stories while symbolically spraying them with perfume. It’s an intricate and enjoyable part of the Cambodian wedding ceremony.

Unique Attire is Required

The bride and groom wear beautifully colored and heavily jeweled garments at their wedding. The couple’s garments are said to be a sign of deep respect for their family whom they represent on their wedding day. Fortunately for brides and grooms living in the western world, our Cambodian wedding dress rentals offer plenty of unique options and jeweled designs to choose from, and we’ve made many a family member happy with our colorful garments.

Pairing Ceremony

This ceremony involves a change of clothes and sets the scene for friends and family to unite the couple symbolically. Selected family and friends tie the couple’s wrists with a red string and offer blessings to them. The couple holds a sword horizontally across their wrists as their hands are tied together. It’s a truly touching experience.

Cambodian Wedding Dress Rental

These only scratch the surface of Cambodian wedding traditions, but each one holds a special place in any Cambodian wedding ceremony.

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